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Emulating TI-OS 1.15 and a greyscale LCD

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OS 1.15 appears to boot, and if I run an OS in Pindur TI, archive the files (copy them to Flash ROM) then use that ROM dump in my emulator the files are still there, where they can be copied to RAM.

Trying to re-archive them results in a fairly un-helpful message, as I haven't implemented any Flash ROM emulation (nor can I find any information on it)...

Applications (which are only ever stored and executed on Flash ROM) work well, though.

I've also updated the LCD emulation a little to simulate the LCD delay; greyscale programs (that flicker pixels on and off) work pretty well now.

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Being a standard calculator for students you can probably pick them up very cheaply from eBay. They're not especially powerful pieces of hardware (and the sluggish LCD driver is a major bottleneck for fast graphics) but their widespread availability means that there's a lot of community support. [smile]

It's also only a couple of hundred lines of code (on top of a Z80 emulator) to emulate at a basic level. [grin]

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I left a trail of bread crumbs leading back to #gamedev for you.

Also, great stuff! love the pictures :)

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