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Just under 50,000 bytes

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I've been getting bored with my current avatar and thinking about making this my new one. I spent an hour writing some screen capture code into the dodecahellspawn program, which exported a series of targas. It wasn't until a few hours later that I realized that some of the color channels were swapped in my screen shot code. One of the many joys of being color blind. Of course the color channels aren't very important in this.

It's somewhat sobering to work with code that you haven't touched in five years. A lot of the time I was thinking to myself, "God, this is a mess." Which it was. Naming conventions were wildly inconsistent, global variables up the wazoo and no comments anywhere.

At the same time there's also the sense of, how the heck did I do all this? It was me, so obviously I should have some idea, but it's still somewhat amazing that I was able to keep the entire mess in my head and still get it to work as well as it did. What's even more amazing is that I actually left enough room for growth in the project that I was able to insert the screen capture without much fuss. I sometimes believe that the more I learn the less effective a coder I am.

Hopefully, that isn't actually true.
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