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Ooo..im liking my current project. Heres some stuff.

- 90 percent data driven, using the Lua scripting system
- SDL, SDL_image, SDL_ttf
- Support for up to 100 units on screen at once
- Up to 100x100 tile maps, 16x16px tiles
- Completely customizable Animation system
- Custom memory manager, system calculations tools
- Map editor and even unit placement
- Custom mouse cursor system

Yeah its gonna rock. I have been cranking out the Lua websites and learning the language..its fairly easy, reminds me of Visual Basic or BASIC. SDL_ttf is a whole lotta fun to use, mostly because it is so very easy.

At this point i should have a playable demo/editor within two months. Right now the actual game details are 'emerging', but it will be called The Wanderers Guild, and be a turn based strategy game.

Have fun kiddies.

ps. Oh yeah, i got my desktop fixed, and my laptop ( Dell Latitude D600, all the fixings ) came in a day early. Im happy.
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