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Fr1st (GDC) pots!

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Emmanuel Deloget


Heading to the Lyon GDC

I finally managed to get in Lyon tonight, just in time for the beginning of the Lyon Game Developper Conference - an event I have waited for month and month. Organisation is not that simple: there are tons of people in Lyon these days, and I have only one hotel night booked (I might be able to book tomorrow night in the same hotel, but after that I'll have to move).

What will I do during this 2 day conference? Well, I will try to get contacts with industry leaders (hopefully, I'll also get some short interviews that will be posted here as podcasts). I will attend some highly technical sessions (the research sessions are looking good), I will spend some time with the game developpers around there.

My only probem is that I don't have a schedule yet - I don't know which session I can attend. Look: I'm supposed to go to the Serious Games Summit on monday. I will do that, of course, but what lectures will I miss? I don't know. That's a bit frustrating because I just can't organize myself. I guess I'll be able to get this information monday morning...

The program (for you):
  • As many podcast as I can record
  • loads of lecture report
  • pictures...
  • and, of course, a bit of fun [smile]

So see you tomorrow for the ongoing Lyon GDC report!
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