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texture regions 1

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I'm doing a comparison test for:
1) drawing a native 512x512 texture to each quad
2) drawing a 512x512 region of a 2048x2048 texture to each quad
3) drawing a 2048x2048 texture to each quad.

I've written a function to set up a quad patch of specified columns, rows and quad size to test this. A quad patch of 10 columns by 10 rows, or 100 quads, or one batch of 200 primitives is made. The project was compiled to an exe. Average frames per second over 20 seconds.

Test System A
1st run: 1) 1042 2) 1042
2nd run: 1) 1052 2) 1050
3rd run: 1) 1047 2) 1055
4th run: 3) 1040

Test System C
1st run: 1) 560 2) 560 3) 560

No final conclusion. There is nearly no difference in comparison. I will run a few more tests with much larger/multiple quad patches and various textures.
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