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so i got the town map loading and you can walk around on it now. there's really no reason to right now, its a ghost town. in that pic i'm pretending to talk to an invisible griswold. i'll be putting in the npcs eventually, i don't care if they look exactly right or anything, i just want to get the damn thing working right now. the town lacks in color as well - i suppose i could make the textured triangles have coloring too, but enh. basics first! temp graphics and all that.

i was helping my brother at his job this week after work, so i got a little more behind than i normally am. hopefully i can make up some lost ground this weekend.

[edit: whoops! nope, ludumdare is this weekend!]
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Looking really good! Those must be FFA tiles? This is the kind of game I would be working on if I wasn't doing other things.

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