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You scream, I scream, UI scream for ice cream

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I don't feel very productive still, but I managed to get some UI trivialities out of the way.


The HUD now indicates to you which weapon you are switching to, and also grays out the ammo count of the unselected weapon to make it more obvious what gun you are about to fire.

The star map also now displays the names of stations in it, which should make it easier to find where you have to drop your latest stash of space porno and vodak.

There seems to be a strange bug somewhere in my renderer that I am still endeavoring to track down. When I figure that out, life should be good.


Not much is going on other than plot and mission design refactoring. Design is surprisingly hard, especially when there's so much you want to deliver.

I've also been fiddling in my mind with a few game ideas for the games course next year (Winter '09). I want to do something that goes beyond the traditional pattern of what I've made so far. Right now it's down to either a "hard sci-fi*" RPG in the JRPG style (hard, and lots of content required, which means "probably not") or a post-apocalyptic buggy-driving, loot-swiping capitalism RPG (easier content wise, much harder technically). Or maybe neither. I'll have to talk it over with my partner; something completely out of left field like a fighting game might go over really well with my style.

* What I like to call "bullshit 1950s fantasies," where AI actually is possible and humans are waited on hand and foot by robots while fighting off evil aliens. This is in direct opposition to Glow, which draws a pretty straight line from "here's where we are now" to "here's what it would be like if we had ten years more of what we have right now". What can I say? I'm a pessimist. However, I don't like political science courses, so if you can read Nietzsche you're already too smart for Afterglow. Try a comic book.
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