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Evil Steve


I've decided to give Blender another go, since I never realised that Milkshape wasn't free. So I'm using This series (Thanks to Aph3x for the link) to try and get a grasp of things, and it seems to be going reasonably well so far.

I want to get to the stage that I can export a textured basic building in more or less any format (MD2 is preferable since I already have loading code for it), and get that into my engine. Then I can start doing some actual game stuff instead of engine nonsense, which should be much more productive, since I can see how the engine performs in real world situations.
My plan is to create a fairly basic RTS, like one of the Command And Conquer series of games, with a few single player missions (scripted with the script system), and multiplayer support (With the network system).

The engine itself is pretty functional as it is, the basic code is in, I just need to iron out some wrinkles with it.
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I really struggled with Blender. I've never really used a pay-for package, so I've nothing to compare it to, but it seemed like a nightmare to learn.

Post how you get on with the tutorials you linked to. Would be interested.

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Original post by EasilyConfused
Post how you get on with the tutorials you linked to. Would be interested.

Will do [smile]

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Good luck! It took me a couple of attempts before I figured it out, but it was worth it. Although I don't use it much for modelling, the rigging and animation features are pretty good, and Python makes the scripting fairly easy, although its scripting interface is lacking in completeness and consistency sometimes. Its also important to find a good hotkey reference!

Here's some other essential links for you:
Blending into Python
Blender Python Reference

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I could never ever get on with Blender's horrific UI. I'd be very interested in hearing how you get on and which tutorials/resources you've found most useful.

I had a review copy of 3DSMax 5 when it was brand new - found that to be really quite easy to use by comparison. Proof, yet again, that Open Source software really needs to get its usability studies in order. (yes, I know that comparison is outdated but I wanted to say it anyway [razz])


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