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Friday! Hahaha Gotta love it...

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Well I've been thinking a lot about my next project because the current one is just about in the can. Time to go hook up my old gaming systems and pull out Mega Man, Bad Dudes, Double Dragon, Shinobi and the list goes on.

I'm really leaning towards either a Mega Man style game or back to the platformer ala Earthworm Jim. Who knows, I still have a little time before my vacation starts to decide. One thing for sure is that I have to be conscious of not going over board because I'm doing the artwork as well.

As of right now, I still need to put together a decent "custom" font engine. I'm not too pleased with any of the current alternatives I've stumbled across. At the end of the day I want to be able to use fonts with outlines and/or gradients or both. Which means that I'm more than likely going to have to implement the font engine the old fashion away and print the ascii characters on a bitmap and traverse the grids.

so if anyone has any better suggestions for fonts then I'm all ears.

Hope you all have a great weekend....now get some coding done!
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Im actuially spending the day implimenting a similar system for using an image (.png) as a font to display a score in my game. It seems to work pretty good, as you can use any style you want. It seems to be the most flexible. For a future iteration of this I want to create a Letter class, so that I can modify the value of each letter, allowing for rotation, movement, animation, shrink/stretch, color modulation. It should allow for some pretty neat effects!

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Man, I loved Mega Man back in the day. My mother would have screamed herself hoarse if she knew how many nights I got up around 1 AM to plug the Nintendo in and squeeze in a few hours of Mega Man or Ninja Gaiden before catching a couple hours snooze for school. It can be argued that Nintendo had a far greater impact on me during my formative years than school ever did. I certainly don't remember what the capital of Michigan is, but I most definitely remember how to get a large store of extra lives in Bionic Commando.

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@Besome Games - Sounds like an awesome system your implementing there! I wish mine was as ambitious :)

@JTippetts - Hahaha, now I really gotta push for a mega clone. I was the same way too. Sneaking to stay up late and get a few games of tecmo bowl and jordan vs bird basketball. The only problem was that the tv light would shine under the door and I always got got. By the way...the capital of Michigan is Lansing :)

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