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Haha well the santa avatar contest is on. I'm really amused how many people have made one already.

So the Microsoft-Santa gave me my present early this year-- XNA 2.0.
While I'm not entirely sure if any of the changes will directly affect what I'm doing right now, it's nice to know that I'm working with a stable product that probably won't change for a bit.

Ok now onto a little design work/ day dreaming.
One of the things that I want to do with my new project is add some rpg-lite elements like a whole bunch of gear that you can pick up. Even if some weapon models are fairly redundant, I'm adding them anyways because--who the hell doesn't want more weapons?? That being said I'm going to try and stay fairly realistic, and therefore you can only carry one side arm and one main weapon, and rare weapons will be rare.

dream list of what will hopefully make it into the game

p38: german pistol
luger: stylish german pistol
tt33: (spelling?) russian pistol
magnant revolver: russian revolver
gweher 43: late german semi-auto rifle
gweher 43 scoped:
gweher 41: early germam semi-auto rifle
stg44: german assault rifle
stg44 with scope
stg44 vampire: stg44 with night sight (very very rare)
kar98k : german bolt action rifle
kar98k scoped:
mp40 : german submachine gun
mp38: predecessor to mp40
panzerfaust: german antitank weapon.
panzerfaust 60 and 100: better range
panzershreck: heavier german antitank
colt 45: lend lease american pistol
various russian bolt rifles --i don't remember their names
russian semi-auto rifle-- i don't remember the name at the moment
3 varieties of russian ppsh submachine gun
Mg 34: german machine gun
Mg 42: german machine gun
russian machine gun
Fg 42: german light machine gun--im not sure there is any proof that these were
ever on the eastern front, so if they are in game they will be ultra rare.

The game is going to be third person, and I'm not going to win any awards for my modeling skills, so I see no reason not to include as many weapons as I can historically justify.

well I should have a good bit of coding time over christmas break, so lets see what I can do
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