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The Classics: Part II

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So I played some more of Ico tonight, secretly sneaking online ONLY ONCE to solve one of the puzzles. While I decided that the intricate level designs of ICO's rooms and dungeons are great, there are some things I need to remember to dislike. 1)If I am standing in a pool of water and there is a pipe with a circular handle staring me in the face, I WANT to turn it. 2) If I am leading around a girl who can climb ladders, I expect she can climb ladder-like objects as well, such as a pipe with little handles jutting out of it. 3) If my feet go over a fence when I try to jump it, but collision detection keeps me from jumping, makes me a sad panda....

So the point that I have come to realize is this: don't mislead the player!!! Rah.
Great level design can only get you halfway to a complete level. If the player gets hung up on a feature of the level that is simply part of the scenery, the level design needs to fix that problem. I don't mind when games use a little flash on important objects in the room, or useable objects are well-lit, in the point of view of the player, or useable objects all have a similar visual format. I think the player should spend more time figuring out the solution to the level or puzzle, instead of figuring out where/what the puzzle actually IS.

Well with ICO almost finished, I know some of the do's for design:
- character interaction is key, not speech
- puzzles are awesome, especially ones with multiple ways for a solution
- HUGE levels really create a great atmosphere for an epic adventure

- Do not decieve the player with scenery
- If actions are to be repeated to solve problems, design the level to remove discrepencies
- Didn't mention this before, but give the player a sword early in the game:)

Next is Shadow of the Colossus, the next "chapter." ohhhwoowowooowoooooo....:)
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