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Why this type of battlefield?

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I'd like to explain my thought process as to why I went with the kind of battlefield I did.

When I imagined the game years ago I envisioned I pictured a landscape like most battlefields with some 2D full body shot characters on each side. Kind of like the Final FAntasy screenshot I have. I thought "why not have a strategy game with battles similar to these classic rpg's"?

But obviously with no programming experience this would have been a difficult task. So when I saw a game called "Astral Tournament" I thought "why not make them like pictures/cards" and put the game in a kind of battle between gods instead of a traditional battle?

This to me kind of allowed me to use static pictures with backgrounds instead of full body models. It also allowed me to create some kind of mystical pseudo battlefield instead of a traditional one.

I'm still very concerned about how this battlefield will be received but it has allowed me to focus on the powers/spells and the strategy/game play of the game, as opposed to having to spend all that extra time on graphics. I realize this means certain players may not be initially attracted to the game.


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I do like the layout of the battlefied you have now and getting an artist to do some of the work really helped. I think this battlefield could definitly work with your game idea, although not by itself. There would need to be some special effects or "action sequences" triggered when placing the cards, starting a battle, or winning. The player would need to feel tense, excited, and anxious to see what effect his card will have on the game/battle. (As long as I am reading your game idea right anyway lol :)

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Yeah, you're reading it correctly I think.

Your comment is actually exactly the confirmation I was looking for. I'm going to go more into where I'm at in the game as I post more journal entries but the last few months I've been considering how to use animation/affects to bring more life to the game.

You saying that it "needs it" is helpful. Right now I just have the cards pop up when a spell/creature is summoned and when an individual character casts a spell I just bring up a scroll to show a picture of the spell.

For a period of time I thought this might be enough, as I played Magic the Gathering Online and they didn't really use any affects other than just showing the cards themselves. But the more I get done with the game the more I want to make it better. The problem being the sheer # of cards/spell/powers in the game. I can't do something too elaborate, as it would be too costly/time consuming.

My idea right now is to show have a spell/attack affect centered directly around the area where the character is on the battlefield. For example, if a fireball spell is cast I small fire affect/animation would center directly on the image of each character. Just a simple animation.

I would do something similar for physical attacks. Maybe also showing the attacker have a short animation sequence on his character image as well (representing something like a sword being swung, etc).

The idea is just mainly to show some motion, something cool, etc. The problem being the # of spells and things I have. I will have to find a way to limit the # of animations. Perhaps with spells using some various kinds of light energies maybe representing the spell spheres and/or positive/negative affects. I mean, I could do 50/100 animations but 500+ is a little extreme.

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