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GTL3 - Testing

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With all the work related stuffs going on I've not had a chance to sit down and do much of anything of late; the other night I got my first game of TF2 in for days and today I sat down and added PNG saving to my GTL3 test app so I could visually check the output.

Fortunately most things work fine it seems, however the biggest problem is the TGA decoder; both RLE and normal unencoded.

With the origin of Top Right TGA loading appears to fail completely, with it set to bottom right RLE TGAs fail to load.

Also, while they produce output some of the 'flips' aren't correct with origins not being in the right place, so I'll have to check the logic.

Other than that, DDS still needs checking, however I need to port some DDS decompression code from GTL2 to GTL3 to get to that state.

In other news;
Work Stuffs

I'm currently waiting for contracts and loan agreements to come through, however there has been some movement on the housing front with some one at Zoe Mode planning to leave his flat soon and giving me first refusal on it; so provided he does leave I'll have to sort out a time to go down to have a look at it (and meet my 3 (female) flat mates), however the place sounds sweet and it's pretty cheap imo; GBP280/month exc. bills and bills running ~GBP70 a month.

So, right now it's a matter of waiting for that.


I should probably point out, I've no direct plans to buy the UberMachine as yet... It's more an exercise in how much and how over powered I can build a machine for; that said, with if I get the flat above, the rent is lower than I was allowing for, giving me ~GBP300/pm to play with, so it might happen.. with that in mind;

Original post by Ravuya
Do you really need an 8800GTX? The 8800GTS is coming out next week and has a pretty good approximation of that performance for a quarter of the price. If you're just gonna swap them for G92s in a few months, I don't see the point in buying overpriced parts to start with.

As indicated, the idea is to go for the most powerful; this isn't a matter of 'best bang for buck' this is a matter of how much bang could I get now [grin]


Additionally, there MUST be some UK parts stores you can buy from!

UK stores tend not to be that great; Maplin are about the only common one and they aren't cheap (nor to the stores cover all that much in PC parts most of the time). Buying online is generally the best way to do things.


(25 days vacation? Wow. Here in North America, 15 days is considered pretty awesome).

In the UK you get 20 days from day 1 of work by law; anything else over that is a bonus.

Original post by jollyjeffers
Drop the 150gb Raptor back to the 74gb one... I've seen some immense benchmarks for general loading/startup with those purely as application and OS drives. Crazy stuff like the OS starting up 2-3x faster due to the burst read and seek times.

hmmm, i've not seen any comparisons of 74 vs 150, I'll go search at some point. If I did that however it could be nothing more than a boot drive, currently i'm running a 200gig boot drive with Vista Bussiness on it (along with non-game app installs) and it only has 31gig of 189 free. So, it would be pushing it with a 150 if I had the same stuff installs.

hmmm, maybe 2x raptor 74s, one for OS and one for apps... *ponders*

Anyway, the reason I was considering removing the Raptor 150s was down to these benchmarks. In RAID the 1TB drives start to perform just as well; however two raptors might be a good solution.

And now, the pub doth call [grin]
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Oh man, I didn't even notice the 1TB drives. I hate those. But if you're going to mirror your data then it's cool. The chances of two drives failing within days of each other are slim.

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Gaiiden - that's a very interesting point. Maybe a couple of RAID arrays at 200gb each is better than a single large array...

£280/month exc. bills and bills running ~£70 a month.
I.HateEnvy.You.So.Much.Right.Now [flaming]


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