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Thanks to everyone who lent advice on the question of payment for contract work. In addition to comments here, I got several responses over at my blog on GarageGames and through Plaxo Pulse. I'll get a better feel for things as I get more information about the project. I think I'm going to peruse through Eric Bethke's Game Development and Production book again, that's always a good read.

I saw I Am Legend last night, it was really good. Will Smith is an awesome actor, moreso given the fact that he was really the only actor. A few things annoyed me, (warning, mild spoilers) like his mis-interpretation of the alpha male's reaction when he exposed himself to sunlight, assuming them to be fully de-evolved. He simply observed the behavior rather than really trying to think of a reason behind it. Kinda dumb for a supposedly smart man. You'd think after they sprung his own trap on him he'd take some time to collect his thoughts rather than go berserk, but losing his only companion obviously snapped something inside of him.

Oh, and what's with walking around carrying just an automatic rifle and a freaking pocket knife? Seriously. If insane blood-sucking monsters were loose in my neighborhood I'd be a walking armory, nevermind the fact that they only come out at night. Two .45's in shoulder harnesses, a .50 hand cannon strapped to my thigh, a short blade strapped to the other thigh, dagger in my boot, pocketknife, sword on my back, automatic rifle slung over my shoulder. He worked out, he could have handled the extra load.

Well I'm off for the weekend, taking care of a lot of little things that I've been meaning to take care of for some time now. Wish you all a happy weekend as well, see ya Monday.
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It's probably better to carry less with you, rather than more. Even though there's fewer points of failure, it gives you more options. There's a reason why the US military doesn't equip each infantryman with everything they could possibly carry.

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