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Good night out

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Me and the missus just got in from my works Christmas night out. Was actually a really, really good evening. I was driving so had the pleasure of staying sober while all my colleagues and my girlfried got drunk. Always a good laugh.

Now 2:30am and am having a well deserved beer before bed.

Was experimenting with the game earlier today. I tried texturing all the polygons but on my fairly low end machine it was causing quite a slowdown. I seem to be able to get away with drawing a textured quad for each object, but texturing all the triangles that make up the hex and octagons and so on seems out of the question.

Not a problem. Plan is for objects to consist of a polygon for collision and an overlaid quad with alpha in the appropriate places. Going to have to be the way for circular objects anyway so no loss.

Hopefully get something working tonight. Night, all.
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