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So, NPC spaceships enter and leave the system that you are currently in. It's a bit hyperactive, but it looks pretty good in practice, even though the code is hairy as all hell.

Next up is getting the NPCs to perform some emulation of human behaviour, and then to start adding some hostile NPCs and maybe even police NPCs that will attack you if they see you getting your pirate on.

Maybe once I have a game going, I can start dropping some content and polish in here and we can get this bastard finished in a few weeks. Would you guys like that?

I sure would. I'm sick of this game.

Other, Less Sexy Games

I started playing Tabula Rasa on my three day trial, but then got sick of it. I just don't like how damage feels so disconnected in MMOs (lag-related?).

The subscription cost is also a bit batty ($15/mo), and their user interface and assorted front-end tools seem distinctly hostile. On the plus side, there aren't many other people playing, so my interaction with them has been altogether quite pleasant.

My question is... wouldn't it have been cheaper to make this a single-player game? You could tell the same foofy story, in a smaller world, without having to worry about all that garbage or going head to head with WoW.

Link of the Day

Buy this tea boy. It's adorable. I'd buy it myself to give out for Non-Denominational Holiday Season, but they don't ship it to Canada.
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