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Winter Break

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Prinz Eugn


I'm finally back from college(university for those pesky people not born in the US) and Sir Sapo and I are ready to start working hardcore on game stuff.

Angels 2X Progress report

If you've seen Sir Sapo's journal, you know programming has commenced, but progress has been slowed because of Finals. The same goes for the art.

Speaking of art, there won't be that much brand new art for Angels 2X, seeing as we can use a lot of the Angels 22 art set(which was itself was started from the Angels 20 art). My job right now involves organizing the texture sheets into relevant sections, like slots 1-16 will be pine trees, so it's easier to make a pine-tree tool in the level editor(seriously, we don't want to mix evergreen and deciduous trees -we're hardcore like that).

So I'm basically working with this:

I'm also doing some more, so there's greater variety and all-around touching stuff up. Right now I'm pimping paint, but I'll probably run everything through Photoshop later(to add better shading+contrast, cheaply make new trees by making the old ones a different color).

Sir Sapo is excited about the flight model, and I am, too, it's gonna be pretty sweet when it works, but that's going to be a little while, as we're concentrating on core engine terrain stuff, like trees, clouds, weather effects, etc.

Hopefully Sir Sapo will put up another entry soon to explain some of the programming progress.

F-45A... but now in RED!!!

It must seem like I'm spamming this thing... I sure put it up here a lot, but I did a cool modification of the F-45, changing the color to a sweet red shade... it's neat.

Well, comments are welcome... sorry for the lack of updates, but hopefully the ball will get rolling in the next few days.

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Recommended Comments

Your red Kestrel looks great, as usual.

Can't remember if you've said before - what do you actually use to draw your artwork? They look like 2D drawings to me, but the shading on the last few has made my eyes pop out a bit.

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It's a weird combination of MS Paint and Photoshop CS2. Anything really small I do in paint, because Photoshop is ridiculous overkill for something that's 32*32.

Often I edit the sprite art in Photoshop now after it's drawn, to make it um, better- there's lots of things I do, I'll explain it when I have a good example.

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If you ever get time, I'd be really interested to see a small step-by-step article showing how you get the kind of effects in the picture above. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one as well.

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Oops... I read that wrong, I was just talking about the in-game sprites in my last post.
The Kestrel is almost entirely in Photoshop(the design was traced from a small sprite done in Paint.)

I've done a MSPaint tutorial before on this journal, but all the images are broken. A Photoshop "Explanation"(tutorials... eh.) would be pretty neat, people in real life are always impressed at how layers work, or how I have them arranged.

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