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Another Day, Another Journal... Entry.

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Prinz Eugn


So today I sat around and pretty much did a little of everything, some things that were on the agenda, and some things that weren't... at all.

Texture Sheets... Whooo!!!

So today's game-work involved simply organizing that tree and random crap texture into meaningful sections.

I think there will be a texture for trees and rocks, and a texture for human stuff, like barrels, porta-potties, cargo containers, and the like. Man-made stuff will have a couple levels of destruction, shot-up and burned, rather than just one catch-all damage texture for trees and rocks. They will also not be attached to the ground, meaning they can be thrown around with explosions, which will be one of the coolest parts of the better physics system

Here's the tree texture(which still needs rocks):

As you can see, pine trees, deciduous trees, and bushes are split up, with lots of extra space in case I get a random burst of botanical inspiration(it could happen)

I'm also thinking we need a 64*64 doodad sheet, for bigger stuff(the one above is 32*32). Hm, I also need to think about organizing vehicles... they're different because they are going to be moving, and animated. That reminds me- fuel trucks will have to oddly plentiful...

The damage system for the buildings will be significantly different from Angels 22, buildings will essentially be separated into "floors"(which may or may not correspond to the real floors)

The old system used four different textures for each building, basically "OK," "less OK," "Bad," and "flattened," which looked pretty artificial in action, when it switched states.

This is the old texture(with some very vintage buildings):

The new system will have each building(64*64 in the old standard) split into 64*16 floors, so buildings can actually collapse(which happened with some special structures in A22, like the Lighthouse). I'm not sure yet if each floor section is going to have multiple damage levels, or how many, but there will probably be a burned version, because we are for sure going to have Napalm.
Fuel tanks, ammo dumps and the like may also be on a different texture, because they explode... big.

Sniper Rifle

This is what I should not have been working on:

Oh, well, there's always tomorrow...

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