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Taking Inventory...

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Any good solider needs equipment. I knew I wanted to have an extensive use of items (magical and otherwise) right from the beginning. And although the game has undergone many changes equipment is still a major part.

The only equipment used in the game is strictly battle related (since the game is all about battle). There is a vast array of weapons (various sword types, axes, maces, bows, and even primitive guns (muskets, pistols, etc). I even have three types of cannons.

Then you have armor, shields, rings, potions, scrolls, helmets/hats, gloves/gauntlets, and boots/sandals.

Magical items can be basic magical (like leather armor) with a defensive bonus or be a unique magical item (Tracker's Leather). I have an extensive list of magical items and hope to add more later after the game is up and running.

I haven't gotten too much of the equipment completed but here is a small sample.
(broad sword, magic broad sword, leather, magic leather, buckler shield, rapier sword.

Battlefield Battlefield Battlefield Battlefield Battlefield Battlefield

Notice how I just have the regular and magic versions slightly altered but basically the same. I use the magic version of the item for all magical items of that type. For example, the magic image of the broad sword can be a broad sword +5, +10, etc.

Items can be purchased or won in battle.

After each battle vs another player you gain gold and treasure. You can then keep these items or sell them. And of course buy more equipment with gold.

ONly Immortals can use items (Immortals again are like rpg characters that level up, have classes, etc). When you give items to this characters it will increase there mana cost (mana cost is how much it costs to summon an immortal to the battle) based on the usefullness of the item.

Anyway, this is a big part of the game...determining how much you should equip your Immortals to maximize their cost/power potential in the game. What balance is best? But that's another subject.

In the marketplace you can purchase regular and magical equipment. I haven't worked it completely yet exactly what magical equipment will be available at what time but I'm thinking I will change it on the server from time to time. Its a pretty complex balancing issue.

Anyway, so here is the marketplace. You visit the marketplace inside the lobby. This is still a work in progress and the items aren't even in the right place right now. Just testing.


You click on the items above to bring up the item type you want (like potions). Then you get the regular equipment up top and the more luxurious or magical ones below.

You can scroll through all your armies while here in the marketplace and view all your characters as well.

Here is a screenshot of the chest where you keep all inventory items not currently being held by an immortal. All items must either be in the chest or with an immortal in one of your rune armies (more on rune armies later).

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