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Articles from Intel / Hide & Seek

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In case you skipped the main page, Intel is sharing three articles with us and the first one has been posted today. Check out the schedule above for the next two coming in January.

So I was working at the gym Sunday doing open workout (refresher: I coach gymnastics) and the kids were playing hide and seek. I thought to myself, well if I were to make it a game of elimination, how would I do it? Traditionally you play and one person seeks, tries to find everyone and whoever they don't find is the winner. Then you just start all over again. But in my version you go through several rounds of hide & seek before only a single winner is declared.

You start by choosing a referee, who will not be a winner. The ref is the first person to count to 60 and go out seeking. The first person he finds becomes the seeker. Once the seeker is picked he immediately has 30 seconds to run around and find as many people as he can. If he manages to find everyone in 30 seconds, he wins the game. If not, he is out and the last person he found is the new seeker. Everyone is called out and then given a 60 count to hide again, and the new seeker once more has 30 seconds to find everyone, with the ref monitoring the time and people located. The process repeats until either a seeker finds everyone or one person remains unfound throughout the entire game.

Obviously 60 and 30 seconds are numbers that can be changed to match the size of the area you're playing in. One of the main downsides though to a game like this is that kids who are out have to sit and wait for the entire game to end.

Still, I found it a pretty neat take on "competitive" hide and seek :P Plus the contemplation passes the time when you only have 6 well-behaved kids to watch for 2 hours.
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