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Um ... w00t?

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Well, I was right. The hard part was over. Adding functionality for creating and deleting bounding boxes was pie. Seriously; as soon as I finished the oh-so-easy code, a hand with a slice of lemon meringue pie came out of my monitor and said "PRIEZ FOR YUO JOAB WEAL DOEN!!1". I knew it'd be easy, but geez. Checking for bad box dimensions was easier than I thought too, and I added highlighting to the current box to boot.

Minor detail left to go is editing box attributes. The dialog is finished; I just have to code the back end so it can initialize and assign variables. Grunt work; nothing I haven't done a zillion times, but it's kind of tedious. I just need to do that and I think I'm done. I'm going to try converting one of the game's non-trivial animations to Bola format after that. If it works, I'll convert everything, then get to work on player animation sprites again. It's been quite a bit of time and effort (past entries say I started working on Bola again three weeks ago [wow]), but this tool will probably make up for the time it took to make it several times over. I'm also going to keep adding the odd functionality here and there (haven't forgot a formal onion skinning scroll bar) for future use. I have a minor secret project I want to make using this. I'll poke at it now and then as TMS progresses.

And now I'm going to eat this pie.
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Chris, are these bounding boxes primarily going to be used for collision detection?

oh.. steals slice of pie! Yum! :P

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I have no idea how libraries like PMask or whatever it's called work, but bitmasks for sprites seems like too much work for too little effort. My tilemaps use bitmasks, but bounding boxes are all that interact with them. Bitmasks that move around would be nasty to check for collisions with. At least, I imagine. Maybe I'm wrong.

Bounding boxes are fast and easy to set up and check. And with my engine being capable of using more than one bounding box per image, I get all the accuracy I need. Suits me fine.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


CAEK!!!! er no mmmm PIE \o/
Pixel masks are overrated, bounding boxes are just fine, in fact for characters I would never use pixel masks, especially on a sidescroller.

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