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Immortal Kingdoms as of Now

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The reason for this journal is primarily to get my thoughts out and to get feedback/ideas on some of my plans down the road with the game. But right now I'm kind of going into what I have already done.

So, in order for people to see where I'm at right now I'm going to go into how far along I am into the game and then I'll go back to giving the specifics of what I've got done to this point.

I hope to be able to start a beta period in 1 year and have a long beta testing phase. We'll see.


1) All Basic Game Concepts
-All the strategy, how I am handling the runes, battles, online play, etc.

2) Numbers, Stats, Rules
-I have all the ability scores done for the characters (how stuff like strength, etc work), how attack/spell calculations are done, how all the rules of the game work. Not only that but its all been implemented for the most part.

3) Battles
-All the melee/ranged attack is basically done except for animation/sound. All the calculations, results, experience calculations, factoring in ongoing effects (blindness, being knocked out, taking damage each round for special affects, etc), and taking into account special defenses like magic resistance or defensive protections is done.

4) Spell/Disciplines/Potions/Creature Abilities/Magic Item Abilities
-All done except for animation/sound. This is several hundred affects & calculations.

5) Immortal Classes
-I have counted them but there are near 100 different classes. All the stats/abilities for these are done.

6) Deity Spells/Relics/Creatures
-These are the runes/cards. All the specs for this stuff is done but I have only about 10% of the spells done for the spells/relics and about 80% of the creatures. I still need artwork for a lot of these as well.

7) Character Screen/Battlefield/Lobby/Spellbook/Marketplace/Rune Manager
-I have the graphics and the code for all this stuff.

8) Online Play
-I have some of the code for multiplayer battle and storing info on the server (and chatting/joining games). However, I need to go back and make it better, plus I have made a lot of changes to game play and need to update online play.

Anyway, that's the basics of what is done.

Some of the things I have yet to do or are working on include:

1) Online Play
-I need to do a lot of work here. Buffering is needed and just need to fix things already done. This is what I look forward to doing least.

2) Graphics/Pictures
-still need a lot of pictures, interface stuff, etc.

3) Animation
-The next biggest thing besides Online Play. I have an idea of what I want to do here but have done nothing yet. Ideas are very welcome here but I'll go more into this later.

4) Sound/Music
-I have nothing yet except a few sounds I liked on the net.

5) Deity Spells/Relics/Creatures
-Have to do a lot of these still

6) Balancing
-Balance will be extremely complicated in this game. I plan on having a long beta period but I will want to do a ton of testing even before that.

7) Bugs/Error Handling
-Very buggy and just a lot of fixes needed

8) General Fixes
-A lot of general stuff like text, appearance, making the code better, or whatever.

9) Website
-No website yet, although I own ImmortalKingdoms.com

10) Single Player
-Got nothing and still debating what (if anything) I should do

11) Leveling Up
-Don't have the leveling up stuff done yet...with choosing skills and all that.

That's the basics of what's going on.
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