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So I've posted a few pics of what I think are attractive women in hopes of luring a heterosexual forum into posting comments. I can only assume I've been using the wrong bait. Maybe this is more of what you were looking for...

I was thinking today that there isn't any reason that every character in the game can't have primary attributes. I'll already have to display them because of the avatars and it should allow quite a bit of variation in the game. Now I can create tokens like "Take control of target non-avatar character with Intelligence of less than 3 until end of turn" or "Equip on character with Strength greater than 4".

And on a work related topic...I find it ironic that my boss is expecting me to design our GUI and menus when I outsourced this on my own project. Maybe someday they'll teach those in manager school that a developer is not the same thing as a designer.
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Game has got me interested. I'm still not sure what all you are going for but I'll be checking on your journal to see how its going.

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