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A Shitstorm, indeed

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Well, Sneftel certainly called it right when he PM'd me to draw my attention towards the response to Common Misconceptions of Intel Integrated Graphics. What a mess. Intel and I agreed that the topic of integrated graphics might generate some negative feedback from people who prefer discrete GPUs, but boy oh boy were we off target. Well, okay some people did speak up against integrated graphics, but even still not really for the reasons Intel was worried about.

For the sake of record, I'm reposting my response here

We can't label it as "sponsored" - Intel did not pay us to put up this article. In working out a completely different deal, they asked if it would be possible to post three previously published articles on GDNet. Yes, we do have a general policy of not featuring articles already published and instead just adding them straight to the Resources database, but it has been waived several times over the years, many times with no one even noticing. Oh and no, refusing to publish this article (and two more) would not have terminated the other deal.

Intel has been trying very hard to make their way into the games development industry over the last several years, and they're certainly not out to tarnish their reputation any more than we're out to damage ours.

The real problem is that this article has been taken out of context. It's an article written by Intel for Intel products for Intel's site - of course (and I say this in hind-sight) it's going to seem like an advertisement when posted on another website. No, this was not written by Intel for us, but by Intel for Intel and anyone targeting Intel products. Which is why I will be following this bit of advice to make sure this is understood.
...or at least have a disclaimer at the start.

The second issue is the "next-gen-ish" nature of this article. Okay, the majority of our audience is hobbyists, beginners, students and indies. Not the kind of people who care about next-gen or developing for emerging platforms or the like. But this isn't our entire audience. Because they don't participate much on the community forums, a lot of GDNet members don't realize how many professional developers visit our site as well. Those are the people Intel are targeting.

At one point I figured using the Spotlight box versus the Featured Articles section to post these, but who would look at the Spotlight box and see and Intel article? You would see an Intel ad. This is not an ad, it's an article; and this is where it belonged to get viewed in proper context...

... well, almost anyways...

Oh and I do thank you all for the feedback. This is what makes GDNet what it is, after all. Please don't mistake me for telling you all to shut the hell up.

If you feel you've got something constructive to add, feel free to jump in the pool while the life guard goes to bed. Just don't make me clean up any floaters when I wake up. That just gets me mad.
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