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Evil Steve


Nothing exciting to report. I managed to get my kitten-monkey exported from Blender as MD2 and into my engine. Next I need to strip out the other 191 frames of dross, or, better, write my own exporter. Which is what I'd prefer to do, the Druink model format is really simple, very similar to MD2. A header, followed by a list of indices, followed by a list of frames, where each frame has a name and a list of vertices. Writing an exporter for that can't be too hard (Famous last words)...

In work news, it's alpha build day today. It's 6pm and it's done, just needing testing. Woo!

EDIT: Arg. Apparently it helps to check what content is unlocked AFTER the save game has been loaded. It took me till 7:30pm to find that out. Sigh.
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