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Ships and stuff

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Got the central ship for my game drafted up. Quite pleased with it for programmer art:

Also now implemented sprite overlays for the shapes in the actual game. The screenshot below shows both rectangular and circular objects in a game area:

Each non-map object is implemented internally by either a polygon or a circle, and drawn by overlaying a quad with a texture alpha-ed out around the extents of the shape.

There's no limit to the range of shapes that are possible like this but I discovered it is far, far quicker to draw a quad like this than try to texture a bunch of triangles for each object.

Probably going to have to write a little utility to allow me to define polygons based upon bitmap sprites at some point, but that's why the Lord gave us C#.NET.

Next thing to think about is a decent particle system for the game so I can start working on making the ship leave a trail.
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