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December 19, some new vehicles.

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I think they turned out great :-)

On delivery of these I'll get some high res shots so you can see all the details.

I'm working on vehicle physics, and many other things right now. I didn't want these vehicles to get lost in the next update/post...I'm working on a lot of stuff :-)

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Very, very, cool models!

One thing tho, if your cities are full of these vehicles, won't it look a bit "colourfull"? I mean, it won't look like a regular city, will it?

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The car colors are completly dynamic...I can color them any RGB color. The artist just used these colors as an example. I just pick from a random array right now [ of bright colors ], but I could pick from a random array of drab colors, and reduce the specularity, etc.

That's tweaking down the road though, I def. know what you mean!

Thanks for comments guys!

*Edit, oh and just wait til I post high res shots of these cars...everything is polygonal, it is really awesome 7-10k triangles per car model...2048x2048 texture per vehicle as well. Tire textures are like 512x512 size alone.

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I remember recommending the "cuban hermes" months ago, glad it's made the final cut :)
its good but i don't think it's quite as good as the vice city one...
[image]http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/3183/mtascreen409pd1.jpg[/image] (damned non-standard tags...you can all copy & paste the link :P)

anyway im glad to see you still soldiering on with this, don't post often but regularly lurking :)
good luck mate and hope it pays off for you!

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Actually believe it or not, the "Hermes" is based on a real car, probably the same one mine is baed on. It's a '40s Mercury "Lead Sled"...

Compare the real image -

...to the image of Urban Empire's vehicle -

Besides the fact that my cars are higher texutre/poly count than even the current GTA IV screens I've seen [ mine have ~32MB of texture data per-vehicle & 8-12k triangle counts these low res shots don't do them justice, it takes 4+GB of memory to run the game w.highest texture settings ]...anyways its one of my favorite vehicles :-D

It's a classic, I think he nailed it...but maybe I'm a little biased :-) IMO it's just what I was looking for...and to be honest I'd never even seen the "hermes" in GTA until people mention it to me...I think it was only in the PC version? I had the PS2 version back in the day.

- Danny

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Holy shit, 4gb of memory that's a "little" above the average gamer's computer don't you think ? Cool models though, they are VERY high poly, considering that there will be a lot of them in the streets.

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I've just integrated a new texture lod/cache system. The system scales the texture data from 2.5GB down to 9MB. Explanation upcoming, it's similar to the Crysis system but less complex. Also vertex throughput is somewhat not an issue these days, but I've got 3 different LODs for each vehicle and aggressivly cull visible characters/vehicles.

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I just saw your game on gamespot and decided to click on it even though the thumbnails made it look like a low quality graphical game, but that was just the thumbnails.

Anyway, it looks nice and seems like you know whats going on. A few questions though: are you a computer science major going indie, or have you broken off from a studio to do your own thing? Are you getting funded from the publisher and if so is it just a one-man salary + contract art? Oh and any demos/tests planned soon?

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