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Language Genesis: Prelude

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So, in this little loony project to make C# + a little I'm going to need to first parse and compile C#. Extensions can then be built off of that. Compilation is pretty easy since .NET provides access to the compiler pretty directly and CSC is readily available at worst. Parsing is a little more difficult. I've already got a C# lexer available, and can extend the infrastructure to do syntactic grammar.

That's already done in fact. Now is the slightly tedious process of taking the spec and making parser from BNF. Tedious, but easy at least. Plus it'll be easy to add/change things because of how the parser is built. And that's really the main goal; get to the point where I can play around with it.

[edit: closing up for the day. Parsing for Types and Expressions written. 8 pages of bnf translated, 16 to go.]
[edit: 12/20 - Statements and Namespaces done today. 12 pages done, 4 to go.]
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