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playing with physics is phun

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super awesome 2d lunar lander physics game

I haven't really done anything but played with some of the physics for the lunar lander game. I figured out how to set the springiness of a slider joint, add compression/rebound dampening and how to make anti-roll forces. With all these figured out I am able to get very realistic looking landings now. I hacked the suspension together for the contest entry so the lander wouldn't bounce around everywhere, but now its truly using a suspension system like a car except the feet are stationary unlike a wheel.

Would anyone actually want to play an ultimate version of lunar lander with awesome physics, ship upgrades, etc? I don't know if anyone would want to play anything like this game. =/

">clicky for video of the new version

bench racer

I was thinking about just screwing this 3d racing game and dump it into a 2D version. It would simplify a lot of stuff for sure, but I want tree deeezz :(

ld48 contest

Only the people that submitted a final game for the contest are allowed to vote for the winner. I still have like 45/50 games to vote. Its basically a job to download the games and figure out how to play them with little or no instructions on wich keys to press. Its kinda annoying. Wish more people put an instruction page when the game starts like I did.
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