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Why I uninstalled Windows Vista

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1. The new Windows Search thrashes your hard disk something chronic and it's so aggressive it completely ignores what the rest of the system is doing at that point in time. Bearing in mind I've got 3x hard disks in a sata mode 3 array, I really dont expect them to be busy for the next several hours every time I install a new piece of software.

2. It feels unfinished, sure it *looks* finished, but that's probably the only bit they did finish!! Even then, it's so horribly inefficient the OS is eating up 1GB (!!!) of ram before I even boot anything. I could cut out gadgets and aero glass but then what you're left with, essentially, is a really buggy vista that thrashes your hard disk looking for the files that as a power user *I already know where they are*.

3. When Microsoft announced the new driver model in Vista I figured it would be a while for other companies to transition to the new model. What I didn't realise however was how little those companies would invest in testing their 64bit vista code paths. Even the NVidia graphics drivers are lagging behind a little, not to mention that several features are just plain disabled because they dont work. One of my favourite features of NVidia graphics drivers is the colour calibration - disabled on Vista x64. God it feels like the dark ages..

4. No hardware sound acceleration? You mean this terribly expensive, extremely high performance DSP processing all singing all dancing shiny creative sound card is more or less worthless under Vista?? It's all well and good telling companies to use OpenAL for hardware accelerated sound but there's one small problem .. OpenAL is open source, which is a big no for a lot of publishers then, not to mention the fact that if OpenAL can have it then why can't DirectSound under Vista? And what about all those amazing games I own that were published depending on DirectSound to provide hardware acceleration? To me audio is extremely important in games and I have an expensive sound card to match. It's just not getting better for Vista..

5. Vista nags me more than any person in my life has ever nagged me before, treating me like an idiot and condescending with the utterly moronic UAC. Oh what a good idea, now we can help idiots stop being so idiotic .. NO. If I click on an installer I *want* it to install, and if you ask me again about if I'm sure I want to do anything I might just uninstall you! Oh...

6. All of the above make Vista slow, unstable, missing features, downright annoying and to be honest can you actually think of a single good reason to use it yet? So my final reason is, there's no reason on this planet that makes me feel that downgrading my computer OS to Vista is justified.

I'm currently running a tri-boot system with XP, Suse Linux and MacOS X 10.5.1. Vista was the weakest link and I'm not trying to stick it to the man, I run XP as my primary OS to access the tools I most frequently wish to use.
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I've withstanded the urge to move to Vista too. My first impressions were just plain awful. What I really really hate about Vista is how much RAM it consumes. It's insane. I mean they must have deliberately put a call to

const unsigned int oneK = 1024;
const unsigned int memoryToAllocate = oneK * oneK * oneK; // <-- This parameter is tunable. This is a good programming practice and makes our OS future-proof! All we ever need to do is to just drop in another oneK.

BYTE* dummyArrayToFuckUpWithMemoryMoreThanWeedsFuckUpWithHumanBrain = new BYTE[ memoryToAllocate ];

That's just intolerable. I love XP. XP is a pretty mature OS. Vista could easily be a patch.

The only major factor that can ever make me move to Vista is the superficial bound they have made between Vista and DX10 but as was the case with DX9, DX10 cards need quite some time to beef up which in my opinion won't happen at least until Geforce 9 series are out.

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