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Game Programming for Teens

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The more nubile, the better.


I patched up a boatload of bugs here; when I added in "universe limits" to keep the player from flying away forever, I accidentally broke cinema scenes and the AI, which assumed that there were no limits.

Vignettes are fixed (they just disable player collision) and AI is slowly being unbroken (when they hit the universe levels, they just kill their thrusters, pull a 180 and then start hammering for the system centre again). Additionally, I've added a few new features here and there, which sped up the game. The NPCs in the system you're currently in change out when you dock with a station (to give the illusion that time has passed).

I'm considering making a massive overhaul of the HUD to make it mouse driven (currently, the mouse is just a hyperactive yaw/pitch controller which I never use). If I can do that it should clean up a lot of the game, but will also mean that I would have to go back and overhaul several features to make the game suck less. Joystick control would also go out the window in this instance, since I've only maintained the current UI to support the 360 pad.

I also don't want to delay the game any further, even though a large part of my irritation with it originates in the UI.


Added collision detection code intended for Afterglow, and added unit tests with Tut to support it. Tut is so much nicer to work with than the CPlusTest framework that Apple hands out (and integrates into Xcode).

Now that I have unit testing, I should go back and cover the Propane Injector base classes that Iodine uses; that way I could potentially avoid an embarassing situation such as the vector negation bug from a month back.


Map editor fixes right now, and integrated the collision detection code mentioned above.

Work & School

I seriously spaced on the date for some stuff for the internship office, but luckily they're giving me a reprieve because Christmas is crunch time. Woop!

It's also really nice getting paid to learn Direct3D.
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Original post by Ravuya
It's also really nice getting paid to learn Direct3D.
What version? 9? How are you finding it?

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D3D9 and 10 through SlimDX. To be honest, it's not much different from OpenGL at all -- the lack of immediate mode aside, it's more explicit about using proper terminology and some of the archaic cruft is gone.

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