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not alot...

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I can't seem to sit down and get work done on the game, so not much has been done in the past few days. I'm starting to reconsider the asteroid idea, or at least how I'm currently implementing it. Luckily, most of the issues brought up from the demo, with the exception of sound, have been addressed. Certain issues in the side interface have been fixed, like the life counter not going off the screen after getting above 7 lives.

I do have some new enemy ideas, and I might try implementing one of them tomorrow. These will be the elite enemy ships who can dodge the player's shots. I'll know that they work correctly if they're the most annoying enemies on the screen[grin]
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Yea, sometimes i always get in a little slump of just not coding...

but more importantly, add me on xbl if you get a chance :)


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Yeah, I'll probably feel more into it after the holiday.

I'll add you to my XBL list when I go to play Halo tonight. I'm trying to get more GDNet people on the list now.

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