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Creature Runes

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I don't have the actual graphics yet for the runes/cards but I do have the character screen where you view all the creature/immortal info. Here's the screen showing an archangel creature. I'll kind of say what some of the stuff means below.


There are still some things I need to work on here but most of it is done.

Primary Ability Scores:


Even though this is at its most basic level a card game it has a lot of rpg kind of character stuff.

There are 13 ability scores. They all relate directly to battle and although it may seem like a lot to keep track of its not overly complicated. You can view each one with a mouseover affect.

attack = melee damage and chance to hit
Strength = melee damage
dexterity = range damage and chance to hit
precision = range damage
defense = chance to avoid melee attack
agility = chance to avoid range attack
toughness = damage subtracted from all attacks
willpower = chance to avoid some spells
constitution = adds health
speed = increases initiative
intelligence = spell damage
wisdom = mana amount
intuition = mana gained each round
perception = decreases chances of opponents to avoid spells
charisma = increases army morale

These stats go up when you increase levels based on your character class (more on classes later). So its more about selecting classes then really crunching #'s...although with the class system it does allow you to really maximize how you want your stats to go. There is randomness as well.

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