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More Creature Stuff

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A note on health:

I decided to use large #'s in the hundreds/thousands for health to allow for more flexibility. This allowed me to have small amounts of damage like 5 or large amounts like 500 or more be part of the game.

Character Status:

This is where anything that has happened to the creature goes. Its also if the creature has a power that affects himself or others is shown.


I'll just go over the examples of the Angel to get a general feel.

Holy Avenger: More damage to evil/undead creatures
Demon Slayer: x2 damage to demons
Law STrike 3: bonus damage on all melee attack to chaotic creatures (there is also of course a law strike 1 & 2...3 being the highest).
Evil Protection: Defense against evil creatures
Stun Attack: Chances to stun opponents with all melee attacks
Flying: Can attack all back line opponents and deity (under certain circumstances)
Leadership 3: Grants Willpower to all allies
Leadership 1: Those status affects in yellow mean the power has come from another positive source (another creature has leadership 1). Status affects in red are negative
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