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Happy Holidays

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To those of you also celebrating Christmas in a few short days, best wishes to you for a safe and happy holiday. I know I can't wait to tear into gift wrappings myself. Christmas starts a week early for me, it's almost like Hanukkah in fact since mostly all the kids I coach give me presents, so all this week each day I've gotten food, gift cards, and other wonderful stuff. Yey presents!

The Intel Story

So if you check out the Intel article that was posted this week, it's been taken down. After talking with Intel we decided to adhere to the wishes of several community members in regards to leaving the article up and giving site visitors the wrong idea about the content GDNet delivers. I'm glad Intel has been so cooperative and understanding on this matter - as a whole I think this was handled very well both by Intel and the community. So I'm happy, and don't have to head off on vacation all stressed out about this fiasco. Rest assured Intel has learned its lesson and is looking much more carefully on what they are planning to present next. Their other campaign with us, like I said, was unaffected by this whole deal and we're looking forward to a nice relationship with Intel in the future.

If you still have any concerns, please share them in the comments below.

A Better Read

Those of you disappointed in the Intel article can be happy again with the newest offering, Starbreeze Business Analysis. True, it's not a programming article so it's not a direct replacement, but if you're not familiar with good business practices of a small dev studio, I'd give it a look-see for sure. Mark DeLoura was kind enough to mention the article in his blog:

The short article is a very good read for anyone considering starting their own studio. It asks the big question, "how do you minimize your risk if your primary cash flow is from work for hire, the projects take multiple years to develop, and the chance of backend royalties is slight?", and then discusses some of the possible solutions, including downloadable content and licensing one's game engine.

Nice piece, gamedev.net!

Thanks Mark!

No More GI Live Events

The Live Events program at the Game Institute has been suspended as of the end of this month. I'll be posting an official statement on the GI Announcement forums later tonight for anyone interested (check tomorrow). The gist of the matter is attendance. We're just not seeing enough interest from people to attend these lectures. An average of 4-6 people isn't a great showing, and we don't yet have the resources to properly market the program as we're focused so much on finalizing our curriculum next year. It's unfortunate, because literally ~99% of attendees to these events have been extremely satisfied (we gather survey results from each seminar) with the content and experience. I'd love to continue to give them that but the fact that we're paying the speakers and not charging attendees has tipped the scales in regards to diminishing returns.

So Live Events will return. When I can't say, because we don't know. Second half of next year? Possibly. 2009? More likely. Either way they'll be back. So if you missed out on these awesome events don't worry because you'll have another chance.

That's all! Happy Holidays and see you after Christmas!!
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