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I just wanted to say if people are reading this journal and if they plan on coming back at some point and reading it again.

It takes time and money for this journal so I don't want to do it if its of no interest.

So, if you are reading it could you put a comment saying "Yes" and second "Yes" if you plan on coming back at some point to read it again. Keep in mind later I will be showing where I'm currently at and wanting more actual feedback help on topics like balance, random vs not, animation and what kind, and a bunch of other stuff.

Thanks, appreciate it.
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Actually I'm reading it :) You seem very focused and well into making your dream game. The reason I didn't comment on anything before was simply because things seemed "fine". You don't seem like you're having a problem or having trouble making some decision. Long descriptive posts are a good read, I usually only comment when I feel like my opinion would be a valuable insight for the owner of the journal (and other readers too).

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I discovered this journal today, and I'm gonna keep on reading it in the future.
You're doing very well

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