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Rune Manager

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You can have up to 10 Rune Brigades in your "Rune Army". Your rune army is basically your collection of decks that you can use to battle other players online.

The Rune Manager is where you modify add, subtract, and exchange runes between your "Castle" and your various brigades. Your castle is where your entire collection of cards is stored.

Here is basically what the Rune Manager currently looks like. You manage your runes in the lobby...where you can also chat, connect to games, etc.


This is far from a finished product. I didn't get any professional help with this one and I'm not an artist so I will be making some artistic changes later.

Where you see the picture of the runes I will remove completely and have a Rune Card off to the left of the scroll...but I don't currently have the card art for that. Then I plan on making the whole thing bigger...as far as text, etc.

Any input on style here would be cool if you have any ideas.

In the Rune Army Manager you can add new brigades and name them, remove brigades, or make a brigade the active one (which is the one you will fight with if you start a battle in the lobby).

Besides the 10 brigades you can create you also have 5 "Sample Brigades" that you can use when you first join Immortal Kingdoms. You can use these at any time before you ever spend money on the game...and can do so for free forever if you wish.

Right now you can have 30 runes in a brigade. In a brigade you can have Immortals, Creatures, Relics, and Spells. Usually you'll want a mix.

I realize this is a bit confusing.

The image above of the Rune Army Manager shows what you see when you first bring up the Rune Manager...your active Brigade. You can scroll through to see all 30 runes in this brigade.

I'll show some other shots of the Rune Manager to kind of give an idea of what else you can see by clicking on stuff.

When you click on Creatures you get this:


This shows all creatures in the active brigade...or whatever brigade you are currently viewing.

Here is the Immortal button clicked.


And Spells (Relics is basically the same):


I don't currently have any rune spell graphics...this is just place holder art.

And when you bring up Sample Group 1:


Not a real sample brigade...just something I threw together. But it kind of gives you an idea of a "Theme" that a sample army may have. All sample brigades will be the same for all players.
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Recommended Comments

I think that the Immortals/Creatures/... buttons would be more intuitive as a tab interface. So I'd put them below the Add Brigade/... buttons, and change the graphic for the currently active button so it looks like a tab. Ya know, like on Firefox or most options windows. It would be less confusing for the user.

The only comment on style that I have is that the chosen fonts and font colors could use some improvement :) Maybe ask the artist what font and colors he/she would use with these graphics.

More specifically, IMO the fonts for Rune Army Manager and Rune Brigade captions could be different, and the plain yellow color doesn't work as well as the other colors you chose. But of course that's an artistic thing so it's a matter of taste :)

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