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Some decent progress today, which is good as things will no doubt slow down over Christmas. I've got the blocks included and moving/rotating within the trough, and once they hit a surface from above they stick and a new one is spawned (though they don't fall on their own yet). The next step is probably to get completed lines disappearing, which shouldn't be too difficult. However already theres a slew of other issues which have cropped up which will need sorting at some point:

1. Performance
Now, my machine is easily fast enough to do what I'm doing but the fps never seems to get above 40. I can only assume its due to the way C# is handling things. I'm using a paint/invalidate render loop which isn't ideal, but I've also tried the OnApplicationIdle method and didn't see any improvements. I'm creating almost all my objects at initialisation, so I would be very surprised if its the gc causing all this. I've even tried a paint/invalidate loop which just clears the screen and does nothing else, and I'm still stuck with a measly fps :(

2. Out of focus behavior
When it goes out of focus, the app suddenly hogs half the cpu (compared to about 2% normally), and still intercepts keyboard input. I need to find out how this is usually handled

3. Device lost
As I'm not using very complex assets, its not such a big deal to reload my meshes when the device is lost but I'm thinking there must be a better way to do this. I can't see this being practical in a large game with many complex models

4. Memory
When I launch, about 20Mb of memory is eaten up, which seems a bit high for what I'm doing. After a minimise/maximise this then drops to 4Mb. I suspect this could be the gc playing tricks

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