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GTL Flipping Progress

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So, after the failure on wednesday of my TGA flipping routine I went back and took another look at it all earlier today.

After some fiddling it all appears to be working correctly, which is slightly worrying as looking at the code I pasted and the code which works now they appear the same.

But, no matter, visual varification shows the images to be correctly flipped for each origin.

Next I turned my attention to DXTn images.
The first thing I did was adjust the flipping routine which I had in place so that it could deal with multiple images and mipmaps per Image. It doesnt' deal with 3D textures atm, but cause frankly I've no idea how I'd flip one of those [wow]

After that a quick port of the DXTn decompression code from GTL2 to GTL3 was required so that I could decompress the image so that the PNG code could save it.

After that I added a bunch of switch-case statements to the decoder so it can deal with the various DDS types (16bit floats aren't dealt with yet as I need a C++ 16bit float type which is compatible with a GPU first).

Once that was done it was a matter of sitting back and testing it.

It failed.

The first problem was me being dumb; instead of dividing the width and height by 4 each to account for the compression I was dividing by 16 which is the number of pixels per block.

After that it was a few offset problems to get around to correct the flipping and tada! DTXn flipping works.


As the images below show I've a slight 'issue' with my y-flipping code;



I think I need to look again at how I mong the data around...

On the work front, things kinda continue apace with one mild problem; no where to live yet.

I went to look at some places on Saturday, however I only got to see one and that was frankly poor.

- The two girls who live there apprently are never seen
- The guy who owns it apprently works 14h/day 7 days a week
- The room is basically a main room with a bed stuck in it

The whole point of 'living with someone' was to do that; live with them. See them, interact, give myself some people to make friends with outside of work. Frankly, with the above setup I might as well live alone... well, I would be kinda, just living under other people's rules.


The other place I was going to look at, well the people didn't get my email (yay spam mail filters!) so I'll have to arrange that asap; this brings in another problem in that the bank won't give me my loan before I know how much rent I have to pay.

- no idea about rent, no loan
- no loan, can't afford to move

Even if I agree a place this weekend coming, it'll still take some time for me to send the paper work to them, them to auth it and for it to get to my account.

Push comes to shove, my parents could probably foot the moving bill for a couple of days until I get the cash, I just have to hope the people I see are friendly enough and understanding enough to give me some wiggling room here... the alternative... well, I dunno tbh, coming up with around GBP700 could prove a challenge [wink]
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