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It always makes me happy when I can make a little change to make a lot of work easier on myself.

One of the problems with Novarunner's data model is that I kept having to copy and paste chunks of XML when I wanted to include an item in a ship's inventory:

projectilesPerBurst="8" spread="10" minSpeed="3" maxSpeed="10" minDamage="10"
maxDamage="40" burstSpeed="0.5" slot="0" heatSeeking="0" mass="10"
baseValue="100" type="0" timer="0" projectileLifetime="1.5"/>
So I added Item References:

This will make my life much easier.

In other news, I'm working on dealing with bugs that implementing "system limits" has caused; now I have to make AI ships stop and intelligently turn around once they hit the end of the world. [rolleyes]

Merry Christmas. Hope you all get motivation under your tree.
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