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xmas & ff1-4wm

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this probably doesn't go here, but its been years since i got a sweet haul of loot that i just had to drop it somewhere. whee christmas! yeah its probably been since university, and that would put it at about 10 years.

i was invited to my gf's parents' place this year, it turns out they really want me to stick around. we've been going out for about a year and a half, and we've been living together for about 3/4 of a year or something like that. they must have gotten used to not having her around, they're redoing the floors in the house and they made her room into a rec room. so yeah. i got lotsa presents this year.

normally i only get like a couple of gift certificates for coffee or walmart. don't get me wrong, i'm used to that - in fact i'd still rather do it that way. i've got a week still to go this month before i get paid, and i've got $10 left in my bank account. so christmas always does a number on my bank book. i suppose i got more stuff than i could have afforded if i had myself bought the gifts that i received, but the point still stands that i have $10 left to get through the next 5 days with.

anyways back to the big haul!

well, there's a bunch of clothes i actually liked - including a dress shirt and tie! i've never owned a tie in my life! we got a whole bunch of house stuff that we were lacking; more encouragement (discouragement?) of a prolonged existance away from the nest on her parents' part.

the good stuff:

- 36 x 22" dry-erase whiteboard
- hellfire, the unoffficial diablo1 expansion
- bleach: memories of nobody dvd
- beard trimmer

the whiteboard i've been wanting for a while. now i can scribble programming stuff on the wall! i need a corkboard now, my parents stole my old one >_<

"hellfire?!?!" you scream? yup! i'm a diablo FANatic, what would you expect? i've got the diablo1 alpha and now i have the final peice of the game collection. i played it a little, its not really all that special, but its neat to see what they did with it. i'll be playing it for a while.

the bleach dvd is a little wierd. i like bleach a bit, that is to say i might collect the dvd boxed sets in the future, but i'm not gonna kill myself to get them. anyways so yeah i got a bleach movie on dvd with a sorta blurry cover insert that doesn't have any company name on it whatsoever. i looked it up (on wikipedia, i know i know) and it hasn't been released in america. its got english subs, but i don't think they'd do that for a japan release. so i've got a well-made subbed copy of the movie. if it comes out over here i'll grab it, they tend to put extras on those things.

and the beard trimmer. yup, its great they got me one - now i don't have to worry about looking like a terrorist anymore. i gots me a trimmer!


so over the last couple of days i've been playing a good share of final fantasy 1. ran my white mages through the rest of the game, and beat it! i probably gained 20 levels to 99 in the last area of the game. they give you a ton of exp there! anyways i ended the game with four lv99 white mages. i relied heavily on 3 judgement staves, 2 rune staves, and 2 lightbringer swords. thats pretty much how i cleared most of the game.

i jacked my stats with items also found in the dungeon, but i don't think that str or agl stats do anything when you pump them. int is definitely used in the damage calc for magic, so i could keep cranking that one if i wanted. since i'm at 999hp i don't need to worry about cranking sta, and lck isn't something i really care much about either now, since i've got all the item drops i need now. i didn't need the 5 elixirs and 10 megalixirs i collected. i figure that if you need to use those kinds of items, you're still too weak.

so yeah. i'm done of this one now. back on the hunt for the next challenge!

happy holidays!


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Nice selection of christmas tree ornaments you have there :-) $10 for 5 days? You'll have to do a follow up posts explaining how you survived.

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hahaha yep thats about it! with the gf out of work and me only pulling in enough to get us by, i'd say we did pretty well for our first xmas.

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