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The product of boredom

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Okay so I wasn't really bored or anything today, but I didn't have any pressing matters to attend to - that's about as close to "bored" as I ever get these days. So I decided to make some social networking badges to add to my journal header up top - I snugged 'em between the GGE badges and the publishing calendar. Feel free to steal any that you find useful yourself. I made the Facebook, MySpace and 1up badges - the other two you can get through LinkedIn and your IGDA profile. I also have a GGE badge in that format as well:

It's a bit personalized tho. Easy enough to make however, I just used the top part of the bigger badge you see up top. All this was done in - awesome app.

So if you're on any of the above networks, be sure to add me as a friend.

Anyways not much else happening... I have a conference call at 7 with various coordinators and execs of the NJ IGDA chapter - we were going to have a face-to-face meeting up at the Slingo offices but it turns out the majority of people actually can't make it, so we're calling in instead. Which sucks cause I was looking forward to using the new GPS unit :P

Righty then, back to chillaxin...
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