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IOTD is broken. So says I. Not anymore.

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So while I'm waiting to have my previous Gorgon example image show up on IOTD, which, should be around June 19th 2183 given that it's kind of broken (sorry, an image from 2006 showing up after an image posted on 12/17/2007? That's a bug kids). But I'm not bitter... [grin]

I threatened Rav with a never ending stream of pro-america-pro-George Bush video and now all is well

So I posted a new video of an example I'm currently writing for Gorgon.

Edit: 5 minutes later... And
">here it is.

It's currently being written so things are not exactly fine tuned yet. And yes Chad, I'm it looks like "Legion" (which, for those who don't know or care, was a game I tried to write back in the days of Win 95/DOS with DJGPP + Allegro, it was horrid). This will be the final example, then some rough and I tell you, it'll be piss poor, documentation will be generated and I'll set up a beta release for people to tear apart and ridicule while I flip you all off and tell you that you're stupid because you don't understand my fucking vision... you whiny bitches.

It'll be fun for the whole family.
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Wow, your banged-together sprite demo looks better than all of Novarunner at this point. Why did I ever make a 3D game? [grin]

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