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Pardon the delays

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Getting much less done these holidays than I'd hoped.

1. Inlaws take us on a one-week trip to Cozumel Mexico, which was fun.
2. Kiddo is home and is an attention sponge.
3. Mel the wonder (read: stupid) dog ran away and managed to get himself impaled pretty badly on a fence, necessitating an emergency vet visit and a lot of stitches.
4. Chest congestion that just won't go away. Bleah.
5. General year-end malaise.

In short, stuff's not getting done at the usual rate. I'll try to get some gamedev content up today, I promise.

Xmas was fun. Shelly and I bought ourselves a new mattress. Shelly got me the big 2-volume MAD Don Martin collection, which was a good slice of childhood. I got Shelly a couple of cards that were actually used on "Match Game" way back in the early 70's. Shelly wasn't sure what they were until she hit the card that started out "Dumb Dora was so dumb. . ."

And yes, that's a pop-culture reference that you won't get unless you're at least 30 years old. Serves you right for not being alive during the 1970's, which was the decade with the best game-shows.

We ordered Maggie an OLPC XO for her gift. It hasn't arrived yet, and she can't wait. "I got my own laptop?!"

Oh, and I didn't win the SWX contest. I'm not complaining, though. Exposure is exposure :)
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Being born in 77 I don't recall Match Game... I did watch the one with the Whammy, but I guess that was a few years later.

Good luck in the new year and don't sweat the small stuff. Kids can be attention sponges, yes, but in a few years the tables will be turned. Mine aged 13 this year.

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