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Asshole of the Moment

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I'd like to deliver a big old cockpunch to whoever it is running the spambot that overwrote one of my bugs with Xanax spam. Thanks to you, I've had to go in and fiddle with the phpBugTracker permissions system, and try to remember what the long-closed bug you fucked up was.

If I ever catch any sort of spammer in person I'm going to kill them outright. There won't be a jury in the land that'll convict me.


I also got this spam, which seriously nobody can possibly be dumb enough to fall for:
Dear Friend

Please make a hotel reservation for me and tell me the nearest airport to you and await for my arrival.This is a transaction of $11m (eleven million USD) from a genuine source and duly certified.It is my inheritance with full legal right.

I trust that with you I will be able to invest on the right business to maximize profit and grow my money.I am not resident in your country,pls be my partner,receive me well and 20% of the total fund is for you.Trust me.
Yeah, okay, I reserve hotel rooms for total strangers all the time. I just can't figure out what the scam is -- at least for the 419 bullshit they get to shoot you in the kneecaps and kidnap you, but chances are they might look suspicious dragging your ass out of the First World Marriott. I especially love how he caps it off with "Trust me."
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I think I'd just give him some random airport name and then the address of a hotel (or brothel) on the other side of the country.

Needless to say, you have booked jack shit but with 11 million in his back pocket, he should be able to have some fun anyway (especially if he makes it to the brothel) [smile]

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Really, what you want to do is lure them into your own scam; get them into a particular airport hotel in a bad part of town and then have your shaved Russians shoot them in the back of the head and take what little they're carrying.

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