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Drawing.Bitmap makes me want to kill myself

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I've been planning on making a GUI version of VAtlas for awhile and have finally gotten around to it. The plan is to fix several problems with VAtlas like being able to handle image formats other than 24 and 32 bit, editing previously made atlases, XML output and maybe sometime in the distant future an image, animation and map editor, basically a modern version of TileStudio. Unfortunately even the basic atlas portion of the program is proving difficult.

Here's an old screenshot, not that the latest one looks very different.

The main problem is that I'm trying to make it cross platform and am using the Drawing.Bitmap class everywhere(see title). The Drawing.Bitmap class sucks, first it takes up a shit ton of memory(and Dispose does absolutely nothing) and that while it'll allow you to load or create an indexed image, good luck finding an easy way to draw it or convert it.

I then tried making my own DDS Surface class to deal with everything. The problem then came with actually drawing it to the damn window. I took the easy way out and just copied the surfaces data to a bitmap with the same bit count. This ended up taking up even more memory and being a bigger pain in the ass then just using bitmaps.

Last thing I tried was SDL.Net. Well loading and conversion were easier this time, but now the damned SurfacePanel control won't draw anything but 24 and 32 bit images, shit!

Anyway, I've pretty much had it. This would be easier if I could just use DirectDraw or Direct3D, but I want it to be cross-platform and also I'm still pissed, and will always be pissed at MS for killing MDX.

So does anyone knows of an image library for .Net that will handle this kind of thing and doesn't suck?
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