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There's a video in this post!! neat-o!!!

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so XNA 2.0...
I had animation all figured out. But then Microsoft was like "BAM update!" and XNA 2.0 came out. Now animation doesn't work at all. For anybody. ever. (Actually I'm sure it still works quite nice if you have 3dsMax and can easily make nice .fbx models, but for all of us that don't have shit-tons of cash life isn't so easy).

so here's my problem

basically my animated .x file has his crotch glued to the screen and won't move away from it no matter how much the camera turns. The annoying thing is that this code worked fine under XNA 1.0

To be nice the problem here is that the Animation Library team appears to have abandoned the project, even though it is incompatible with the new version of XNA, and everybody and their mom was using it. (in other words its not Microsofts fault).

game update
well in between working on animation I've done a bit of coding on the new game.
I've decided to name it "To Whatever End", that seemed fitting for some reason.
I had to start a whole new project because of the release of XNA 2.0, but rebuilding my framework turned out to be fairly easy, as most of the classes could be copied directly over.
I have decided to add an absurdly complex system for handling game objects:
1. abstract class gameobject
2. animation:gameobject (animation_man)
3. physics:animation (physics_man)
4. penetration:physics (penetration_unarmored)
5. armament:penetration (armament_handheld)
6. ai:armament (ai_man)
7. toplevel:ai (nordwindranger)

This will almost certainly be a bad decision in the long run (I bet components would be better, but then you have to give everything access to the whole, and its a big mess). In any case I'm just doing this as a hobby, so who cares.
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If they haven't fixed it so far I would probably consider switching to a different framework (if don't mind/want to rewrite most of the code :)) Irrlicht might be of some interest, since it has .NET bindings.

Or you could fix the library yourself somehow...

Anyway that's the price you have to pay for using immature technologies in general :-(

I wish you best of luck (and Happy New Year)

PS: Your object hierarchy got me confused, but that's probably ok :) And components aren't as bad as they might seem ;)

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happy new year to you as well good sir.
I'm just going to put animation on the side for now, and work on other stuff. I'm sure someone will figure it out sooner or later.

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