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Of PSPs and Pi

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So I finally got custom firmware installed on my PSP slim -- I'm surprised it took me so long (a whole five days, including waiting for my battery to arrive). [wink] Here is how I did it, in case you also have a PSP and want to install firmware on it, but don't want to go Googling through half-complete forum tutorials written by the largely illiterate.

Since I live in The Canada, this was legal for me to do. Poor Americans.

Anyway, now that I've done it I've been playing SNES and PS1 games. I could probably try setting up a development environment and testing out SDL, though. Maybe even finally deliver on that "CSRPG2 on PSP" scam that I had going way at the start of this journal.

If you guys have a PSP, make sure to modify it -- you can still buy commercial games and feel good about it, but you can also get a lot of software which delivers on the promise of the machine, particularly PSPRadio and a Remote Desktop client.

Scary Observation

This journal has been around for almost two years now. It's lasted longer than some peoples' entire film careers.

Link of the Moment

This guy has too much free time on his hands and not enough memory.
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Original post by Ravuya
Since I live in The Canada, this was legal for me to do. Poor Americans.

Yes, but for how long?

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I already did it, so it's not like the RCMP will come and sodomize me if the law changes in the Amazing Future.

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