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lots o' stuff

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well the ludum dare 10 results are up and i won a bronze medal! i was surprised i even ranked. i'll definitely be trying harder next LD. i'm actually kinda excited for it, even though it probably won't be until april. who knows, there might be a 24h in between!

i know i could be competing here in 4E but i'm just no good with that amount of time. six months is just too long for a nooblet like me. there may come a day when i'm able to plan something out over a period like that.. who knows!

new monitor.

i got paid on saturday (wierd day) and deemed it appropriate to replace my 15" crt backup mon with something that didn't hurt my eyes. i got my dad to haul my carcass around town a bit, and i settled on a $200 19" lcd widescreen display. i'm looking at a 1440x900 pixel desktop right now. its amazing! i can keep the solution explorer, the properties pane, and the tools pane all open and work on code without any problem at all. i was running 800x600 on the old crt. i love this thing.

new(?) project.

i was going through the older ludum dare entries and i came across drpetter's LD8 entry and i just couldn't put the game down. even now i'm resisting running it for one more go - i gotta finish this post and get to bed for work tomorrow. i highly recommend giving it a go, its a great little game. IMO it plays best with a gamepad and a key input emulator like joy2key.

anyways it got me thinking about space fortress again, and i was wondering why i hadn't gone the tilemap route before i took on something more complicated. it seemed like a great idea, so i started thinking about it some. as i played 7th swarming, i was thinking about how i could put his mechanics to use in my game, and recalled
">Cybernator - couldn't i use a mecha instead of a ship? and then it all started coming to me.

what i have in my head for space fortress beats the pants off of what i was planning before. i can't wait to get this on the go!


i'm not neglecting this! i've actually started working towards getting npcs in, and i just realized how i was going to do the classing and instanciation. err wait no i can't have a special inherited npc class for shops, i need to let npcs throw events that start shop windows up or something more to that effect. hmmmmmmm

bedtime! zzzz
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Didn't try the game, but definitely recall Cybernator on the SNES. Awesome game. Anything based on it can't be a bad idea!

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