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Evil Steve


Happy new year (in advance)!
I'm bored and poking around for half an hour till I go out to a friends and get thoroughly hammered. Although I hopefully want to remain more sober than I usually am.

I've done no coding at all over Christmas break, I've not really been in the mood. Back at work on the 4th (Friday), which is good because it's one day back then 2 days off before we're all back into the deep end again.

Christmas stuff I got:
A Nintendo DS (Woot!)
Brain Training (for the DS, obviously) - which claims I have a brain age of 54 (Although I blame it's failure at reading my handwriting / understanding my voice)
USB toy things
Sweets, clothes, HMV vouchers, etc.

New years resolutions:
I'll make them up as I go along, the only one I have really is to drink less, or at least to drink less when I go out, since I usually end up completely wasted.

Well, that'll do for now. Waveywave.
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